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Varichem USA International

About Us

Varichem International is a Chemical Specialty Manufacturing and Marketing Company Incorporated in the state of Texas. Home offices and manufacturing are located in Bay City, Texas. Varichem offers over 80 years of experience at providing chemicals and technical services to the oil and gas production industry, refineries, and chemical industry.

Varichem International has a full range of oilfield chemicals for every application and need. We have and continued to develop Emulsion Breakers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, H2S Scavengers, Paraffin Inhibitors, Dispersants, and many other products for every oilfield application. With the help of our on-site Lab Services we can identify and develop solutions for your specific needs.

Varichem began developing oilfield chemicals and chemical treating sticks in 1973 and this line has continued to expand since then. We are continuing to find solutions for ongoing problems in oilfield. We have developed over 40 foaming sticks to accommodate all types of wells and production from low pressure to high pressure. A complete line of paraffin, scale and corrosion control treatments are available in -non-foaming water and oil soluble sticks. Many of these are used in free flowing oil wells. The ChemCap line provides a unique approach to chemical treatment by loading scale, corrosion and paraffin control chemicals in water soluble capsules. A special capsule is available for generating gas. These capsules when combined with foam sticks provide a low cost swabbing job.

Chemical Plants and Oil Refineries are provided with Water Treatment Chemicals for cooling towers and boilers, Corrosion Inhibitors for process streams, Waste Oil Recovery Emulsion Breakers and Special Polymers for waste water clarification.

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