Liquid Foamers

Varichem International Inc has developed two primary Foamers that have the ability to unload production wells on low and high pressure wells. These are effective in pressures as low as 20PSI and for greater than 800PSI. These products are available in ready to use and concentrated forms.

S-1630 is a foamer that will handle up to 20 percent condensate or oil.

S-1680 is a foamer that will foam up to 85 percent condensate or oil.

Both of these products have been tested for cap-string use at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 days and show no failure in performance or PH change. Both of these products are available in a maxim package which contains complete treatment for scale and corrosion down hole and for surface equipment.

Lab Test Video

Lab tests have been developed to best predict the volume of product needed and dilution ratio. Both S-1630 and S-1680 are available in several concentrations, from 10% active to 90% active.

We also have several formulas for drill foam that have been used in different geographic areas in the US.