Here's what you need to know about soap sticks:

Foaming sticks are used to maximize the performance of Gas Wells and can improve production from 25% to 400 %. Increasing gas and oil production to maximize profits.

  • Why foam sticks: the greater the fluid column that build up in the well the lower production numbers will fall, due to pressure build up down hole. This means lower daily profits.
  • How does it work: Sticks are dropped into the well and as the gas fluid passes by it, water & oil are changed into foam which weighs much less than the water. This changes the total weight of the fluid column, so it is less than the static pressure barrier the well can lift. When this happens, the well is able to unload itself.
  • Why so many different types of sticks? Each stick is formulated with special custom surfactants to fit the specific needs of individual wells.

Important factors to know about your wells:
Well Depth- Well head pressure (HWP)- Bottom hole temperature- Total volume of gas -(BOD) Barrels of oil per day- (BWD) barrels of water per day

50% Condensate Low PSI

Water Only Low PSI