Oil Spill

Remediade (SP-7010) is a blend of plant extracts designed to promote rapid bacteria growth for bio-remediation of hydrocarbons. The unique, VariChem process for production of SP-7010 extracts polysaccharides, enzymes, vitamins, hormones, polyuronic acids and humic acids, all of which contribute to the rapid growth and sustaining life of bacteria.

This product is listed on the National Contingency Plan.

Additional benefits of Remediade are the blocking of Sodium Ion's from brine spills and the breaking down of clay soils into loam type soils.

Remediade Treatment at Land Farm

APPLICATION: 1. Plow or till the soil to incorporate the waste. Determine the depth of contamination and assure adequate tillage to the contaminated depth.

2. Plow or till and incorporate Remediade at a rate of 40 to 55 gallons per acre foot, Remediade should be diluted with clean water at a rate of one (1) part product to thirty (30) parts water, to insure good dispersion.

3. Repeat step 2. (Total treatment will be 90 to 110 gallons per acre foot).

4. Supplemental bacteria, if needed, to the Remediade plus water mixture at a rate of 1/4 cup bacteria per five (5) gallons Remediade mixture and applied through a five (5) gallon hand sprayer. After application of product mixture, clean sprayer thoroughly to prevent plugging in the spray nozzle, or expansion within the sprayer due to bacteria regeneration.

5. Apply water to the treated area and maintain soil moisture for 30 to 90 days. Establish vegetation. In many cases, grass can be seeded immediately after application.