Varichem International Inc. offers a full line of Nano products for Oil Well stimulation and completion. The products are designed to change the wettability of any formation to improve oil and gas flow through the formation. Our nano products penetrate water wet and oil formations breaking oil up into smaller droplets, allowing them to easily flow through natural fractured network of all sizes. The nano surfactant carrier of our products help in dissolving many of the problems causing blockage.

The particles in our products will lift at 1.2 lbs per square inch and displaces oil and other substances from the formation surface and in the natural fracture network, thereby making more formation able to communicate oil and gas flow. It also remove skin damage from bacteria, polymers, paraffins, ect. It leaves behind a residual of nano particles in place that work as a repellent to oil and formation residual moving through the formation, helping to eliminate pore space blockage and keeping production flow maximized. We normally use our products in a 1GPT ratio in completion fluids and or stimulation fluids. In some cases we will suggest a higher level of concentration for specific cases as a pill for the process

Please let us know if you have a well you would like evaluated for potential stimulation.

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