Need to Clean Up a Chemical Spill in Louisiana?

Turn to VariChem International for soap sticks and EOR products

From crude oil to chloride wastewater, VariChem International has effective solutions for any spill. Our soap sticks and EOR products are made from natural, organic chemicals, making them ideal for use on soil, on vegetation and in surface water sources. Plus, they're safe to handle and nontoxic to wildlife. For these reasons and more, our products are used to clean up environmental disasters in Louisiana and throughout the U.S.

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Certain environmental disasters can be cleaned up using:

  • Surfactants, including foaming soap sticks, chemical treating sticks, drilling sticks and liquid foamers
  • Nano particles designed for use in oil wells, in gas wells, in polymer-damaged wells and for heavy oils
  • Oilfield chemicals, including emulsion breakers, H2S scavengers and saltwater disposal products
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