Paraffin Inhibitors

Paraffin products are designed to prevent crystal formation of paraffin and oil or to disperse crystal formation that has already begun to form. Here at Varichem International Inc. in Bay City, TX we have many paraffin products designed for specific problems in different geographic regions. Our newest product line for paraffin has been developed for the Eagleford Formation in Texas. We are preventing paraffin from forming down-hole, in separation equipment, and in tank bottoms. In many cases application points are extremely important to the success of the paraffin product.

Paraffins will hold water that prevents oil sales and build bottoms making oil tanks unmanageable. Proper selection of chemistry and application is extremely important to achieve success. In most cases samples are needed in lab to test freeze points to acquire the best chemistry.

Our newest paraffin technology is our Hyperlift series.

Hyperlift is a nano particle based product line that comes in oil base and a water base product.

The Hyperlift WB is water base and can be used in multiple applications. Either continuous or batch treatment methods. In pipelines as a continuous treatment and in down hole applications as batch or continuous treatments.
Our Hyperlft oil base product is great is gas lift systems. Please see the power point link below for more information.