Drilling Sticks

Stick Name: SAPP Sticks

Clay Thinner

Stick Size: 1-1/4"x 15"
White in color the SAPP Stick is a drilling stick containing a combination of surfactants and sodium acid pyrophospate that will eliminate clay stringing on drill collars, work as clay thinner and dispersant, help prevent bit balling, decrease wear on shaker screen, work as a friction reducer, lower pH, and inhibit calcium. Drilling sticks should be dropped into the drill pipe at every other connection point. On a scale of 1-10 this sticks hardness is 10.

Stick Name: PHPA Stick

Sweep Stick

Stick Size: 1-1/4"x 15"
White in color the PHPA Stick is 50% active PHPA type copolymer in a surfactant based solid stick. These sticks are applied to drilling fluids to control wellbore shales or to extend bentonite clay in low-solids mud. The PHPA stick is believed to seal micro-fractures, coat shale surfaces with a film that retards shale degradation and also links particles together to facilitate sweeps in well bores and casing strings by carrying cuttings and materials to the surface. In addition, these PHPA sticks minimize bit-balling and add to bit life thru lubrication. Typical application is to drop a stick into the drill pipe during a connection to create a viscous sweep. Field tests indicate the best results are achieved under normal drilling operations when 1 to 2 (1 1/4" x 15") sticks were dropped to joint of drill stem added.

Stick Name: Drill stick(F-110)


This is a dark Blue stick that is water-soluble and contains a blend of nonionic surfactants that will lubricate the mud and drill bit. This will help reduce drag and pressure build up. It also helps prevent drill bit plugging and optimizes drill bit penetration. With less drag, you get more efficient drill cutting returning to the surface with a stabilized pressure. Drill sticks should be dropped into the drill pipe and each joint addition.