Coil Tubing And Completion Products

Varichem International offers a full range of friction reducers that will handle all levels of temperatures and types of waters.

We also handle pipe on pipe products as well as Beaded lubrication products to get out of tights spots.

Packer fluids with Tri-pack ability for Oxygen scavenging, Biocide, and corrosion control are available in several concentrations designed for specific waters. High temperature acid inhibitors are also available as well as buffers for extreme conditions.

We have a full line of stimulation products to work on production wells with stubborn and difficult problems. Problems like paraffin or asphaltene, salt deposition, surface tension reducers, Iron sulfide removers, formation and or wellbore cleaners, as well as Oil herder products for flood systems.

Please contact our office at 1-800-833-5394 for more information on products.