Saltwater Disposal Products

Varichem International Inc. has spent the last 8 years developing new technology to better serve the disposal well business. In many cases SRB's (Bacteria) have become an extremely major problem in disposal wells. They form Iron Sulfides which create heavy tank bottoms that steal oil and build well pressures. SRB's will also cause metal damage in tanks, pumps, tubing, and casing if left untreated. SRB's are commonly referred to as black-water. We have developed a line of products that will eliminate SRB's and clear the water. This gives the system its best chance to reclaim 99.9% of all oil in the system and prevent pressure build up down-hole, which extends the life of the well.

Other products in our SWD line include friction reducers that raise energy efficiency and lower maintenance cost as well as scale and corrosion protection. Each well must be evaluated to establish the best chemical package. Formal bids are given to explain the systems overall performance and chemistry needed to enhance performance. Average costs to treat complete systems run as low as .02 cents per barrel.