Varichem International has developed a product called PD-400

This product was developed to disperse and shred polymer off the formation. It can be used in many applications where over treatment of polymer has caused blockage and production drops.

In some cases we have seen large deposits of Polymer plug screens and pumps down hole as well as separators on the surface, due to improper application of FR's in frac and stimulation.
We have also seen production wells completely cut off from production, in water flood systems using polymers to increase production. This can be easily treated.

VCI will write up a proposal for your wells an systems to address clean up based on multiple information needs. Please fill out our EOR form and email it to us for a free review.

In most cases for vertical wells we suggest pumping 25 gallons per foot of perforations. Then displace the product with 1.5 x the volume of the anulus. Shut In the well for 7 to 10 days and then open the well.

For Water flood systems we may choose to treat specific wells and follow up with continuous injection into the injection wells. But each system will be evaluated individually.

We have seen water flood well that were dead begin producing at new well rates in some areas.