Gas Well Treatment

Fracking and Stimulation Products

Varichem International offers multiple Nano products to help increase and sustain well production for new completions and restimulation.
We offer our New “Nano Enhance” line of products by “Nissan Chemical America”, and they allow us to get the preferred Nano-Surfactant packaged with top of the line Nano particle made specifically for your application. In most cases we recommend a 1GPT application for all fracking needs. This is mixed into the body of the frac fluid and it helps pry oil of the formation, eliminate polymer skin damage, and expands the access to the natural fracture network to help increase over all gas and condensate production. Our unique packaged product line changes oil wet formation to water wet, which allows greater oil and gas flow with less formation pressure. With our special particles, we will remain attached in the formation giving longer effective increases in production and helping prevent sediment fall out near well bore. This helps keep production numbers at their highest.
We also offer The Nissan Nano Surfactant particle package “EFT” which has been successfully used in multiple formations in North America and South America.
We also offer our Hyperlift WB-110. It is a water base nano surfactant used to pump in gas well for clean up near well bore in batch treatment application.
For Restimulation of older producers we can make similar blends, to be used in multiple style applications., depending on the source of the problem you face.

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