SP-7008 is a blended product designed to overpower sodium contamination in soil due to brine spills. It effectively blocks the sodium ion interference in plant growth and dramatically increases the ion exchange capacity of the soil. This increase in ion exchange capacity prevents the reaction of sodium with the soil and allows subsequent rainfall to wash the sodium from the soil. Planting can begin immediately after treatment. In cases of extreme soil structure damage, SP-7013 should be added to cause polymerization SP-7008, and fertilizer may be added to support specific plant life. A simple lab test can determine if these are needed. After complete application, planting can begin immediately. Average treatment is 55 gallons per acre foot applied in two separate applications for chloride levels of 28,000 ppm.


1.) Test soil for additives needed.
2.) Till or plow the soil to incorporate waste.
3.) Spray contaminated area with SP-7008 diluted at 10:1 and Insure good coverage. Rates of 27 gallons per acre foot UP TO 82.5 Gallons may be needed for first spray. **One gallon SP-7008 treats Approximately 790 sq. ft., 10 inches deep.**
4.) Re-till or plow to incorporate product into the soil.
5.) Repeat Step No. (3 and 4).
6.) Plant vegetation if required.
7.) If SP-7013 is needed, apply it first diluted 20 to 1 and till into the soil. Fertilizer needs can be applied at any time.
Sp-7008 is available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 330 gallon totes. It is manufactured by "Varichem International Inc." at our facility in Bay City, Texas. For any further information needed contact our office at 1-800-833-5394.