Sorbco Technologies

Clean, Green, Eco-Friendly

Petroleum hydrocarbon spills? Any spill? We have the solution!

Soil, Surface Water, Vegetation

Sorbco Product Features

  • Truly “green products” ¨
  • Made from natural organic materials ¨
  • Processed from the best natural absorbent known ¨
  • Safe to handle and apply, non-toxic to wildlife ¨
  • Granular form, socks, booms, pillows, small kits ¨
  • Quickly absorbs and contains spills upon contact ¨
  • Floats on top of surface water after application ¨
  • Apply manually or with mechanical spreader system to large areas ¨
  • Can be used prophylactically or post spill ¨
  • Facilitates biodegradation of hydrocarbons ¨
  • Wide range of uses

What do you want to do?

Absorb it? Contain it? Stabilize it? Landfill it? Remediate it?

Absorb it? Contain it? Stabilize it? Landfill it? Remediate it?

Specific ApplicationsWaste TypeTechnology Features
Sorbco-HCCrude Oil,Fuels and Fuel Oil, Oilfield Wastes, Mineral Oil, Lubricants, Automotive Fluids SolventsSorbco-HC quickly and effectively absorbs hydrocarbons and industrial chemicals, but repels water. A primary application is the separation of hydrocarbons from water following a spill on either land or water, allowing for the hydrocarbons to be effective removed from the spill site..
Sorbco-HCWCrude Oil, Slop Oils,Oily-Water Wastes, Tank Bottoms, Polymers, SolventsSorbco-HCW absorbs both hydrocarbons and water. The product can be custom blended for % hydrocarbons / % water. A prima application is the absorption and solidification of spills containing both hydrocarbons and water for easier management and disposal.
Sorbco-FWRendering Plants, Food Processing, Agricultural Wastes,Medical Wastes, Acids and Caustics,Detergents, PolymersSorbco-FW is a specialty sorbent that absorbs a wide variety of water-based
liquid wastes, in addition to wastes with certain non-water components. A
primary application is the mop up and containment of routine food processing
wastes and spills.
Sorbco-SWProduced Water, Saltwater Spills, Culinary Wastewaters, Chloride Wastewaters, De-Icing WatersSorbco-SW is similar to FW except that it is especially blended to absorb
saltwater with TDS levels ranging from brackish water to brines. A primary
application is the containment of produced water spills in oil and gas
Sorbco-DHCrude Oil Fuels and Hydraulic Fluid, Polymers, Detergents, Acids, Water and Other LiquidsSorbco-DH is especially blended for off-shore drill rigs and oil production
platforms. A primary application is the quick containment of spills and leaks
from operating oil and gas production facilities located offshore: your extra
Sorbco-VCCrude Oil, Slop Oils,Oily-Water Wastes, Fuels and Fuel Oil, Refinery WastesSorbco-VC is a binary technology that uses both sorbents and bioremediation
technology. The technology accelerates bioremediation of waste material, and
can be used in either the in-situ or ex-situ landfarming mode.