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New Distributors

  • Varichem is offering Free Lab Services to customers and distributors. New Distributers please use This Form.


Lab Services

Lab Services

Varichem International Inc offers free water analysis to all our customers. As a service to our customers our lab helps evaluate all waters and oils to establish the best possible treatment. We email a complete French Creek water analysis report as well as Stiff Davis water analysis report for each sample we receive. Our lab is on-site in our Bay City facility offering over 80 years experience in Chemistry Lab Analysis. If you have water you would like for us to analyze, please ship samples to 7833 Highway 35 North, Bay City, Texas.

Direct Field Services

Field Services

Direct Sales

For Direct Sales Varichem International has full service in the field for delivery and sampling with full tech support available. We also do all minor pump repairs in the field for parts cost only.


Distributors of Varichem products have available to them chemical tech support, in the field, for problem solving or well evaluation.

Consulting is available through phone, email, or Support Form.