Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Sites

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Big solutions from small things...

Chlorinated hydrocarbons present a huge challenge to the responsible parties. This stems from two considerations: [1] only a small quantity of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons can contaminate a vast area of soil and groundwater, and [2] it is very expensive to remediate and restore such contaminated sites. One of primary reasons is DNAPL: Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids. Our NanoRend TechnologyTM offers a new solution to a very old problem

Our Technology

Actually, the "technology" is a combination of several innovative technology platforms that are used in combination to accelerate the remediation process and reduce cost and long-term liability.

  • Proprietary nano phase separation chemicals that quickly and efficiently separate Chlorinated Hydrocarbons / DNAPL from soil, rocks, sludge, and water matrixes.
  • By liberating bound DNAPL, the Chlorinated Hydrocarbons are readily available for treatment rather than being tightly sorbed.
  • This allows conventional treatment technologies such as pump and treat, hydrogen peroxide, Fenton’s Reagent, permanganate, oxidants, bioenhancers, etc. to work more effectively.
  • Our reagents can be applied using pump and treat circulating systems, low pressure injection using Geoprobe or other direct push technology, or high pressure jetting systems.
  • The high pressure jetting system has been used effectively to treat groundwater plumes / DNAPL to depths of 40 feet. The jetting action, combined with phase separation from NanoRend, liberates contaminants in minutes that would otherwise remain sorbed for years or even decades.