Petroleum Hydrocarbon Wastes

Drill Cuttings, Tank Bottoms, Pits, and Spills

Big solutions from small things...

NanoRend TechnologyTM has emerged as a very effective solution for the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated sites. It can be used on process wastes, dieselbased drill cuttings, tank bottoms, spills of crude oil, waste impoundments from drilling and production activities, and other releases to the environment. A few seconds before the photograph, this was an “oil-soil waste gunk.” Now it offers a solution for a clean environment and a recovery of resources.

The Technology

Actually, the "technology" is a combination of several innovative technology platforms:

  • Proprietary nano phase separation chemicals that quickly and efficiently separate petroleum hydrocarbons from soil, sludge,and water matrixes.
  • Proprietary processing equipment that effectively injects the phase separation chemicals and water into the host waste material, and then blends the mixture to effect the release and separation of petroleum hydrocarbons from the soil,sludge, or water.
  • Recovery systems to capture the recovered petroleum hydrocarbons for reuse or resale. Proprietary sorbent materials to bind petroleum hydrocarbons for quick and effective cleanup, and to serve as an initial means of managing spills and other releases
  •  Integrated project management system.

The Test Results

The technology can remove and recover up to 99.5% of the petroleum hydrocarbons, producing a clean soil that meets regulatory cleanup requirements.